At SJA Group, we believe that no child should go without. With making consistent and considerable commitments with other organisations, we can ensure that vulnerable young people are getting the help and support they need.


Therefore, we teamed up with Ada & Albert by ensuring we are in contact with a local, family-run, trusted body. This means, we can liaise with the right people to provide the necessary support that positively impacts people’s lives.


Ada & Albert is a non-profit charity, that fundraises to support vulnerable children under the age of 16. Our vision is to give vulnerable children within the local community a better start and to provide them with a childhood that enables them to reach their full potential.


The projects we support, help children deal with a wide range of issues such as poverty, abuse, mental health, and illness. Everything we do has a goal – to help local children reach their potential and give them the best possible start in life. We provide immediate solutions to some of the urgent problems experienced by vulnerable children living in the borough of Bromley.


I have always felt that the greatest psychological asset a human can possess is; the power to believe in what may be possible…” – Mr Pullen (Founder)


Thanks to all contributions, Ada & Albert has now officially launched. Through your donations of clothes, volunteering, and pledging some money, you are directly helping to issue grants. This will have an immediate impact on the children that live in our very own neighbourhoods.


The goal is to make fundraising to be fun and proactively focussed on positively engaging people to help others, whilst giving a thought to appreciating how lucky most of us are.