At SJA Group, our philosophy is that high standards should be set at the top. Our senior team adopts a hands-on approach to all aspects of the business.  

We comply with all the requirements of ISO 9001 to ensure our company procedures, process, and service offering is of a consistently high standard. Quality management and supervision is key to providing a high quality service, with our management able to tender to your individual needs and closely communicate with yourselves in the aim to continually exceed your expectations.  

We take safety extremely seriously, with a range of industry assurances and accreditations, we make sure that all documents, training, and preservation is in place to ensure all work duties are carried out to the highest safety levels possible.  

To achieve our targeted objectives we have in place ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. These are continuously helping us to implement better work practises to our clients, in the aim to achieving reductions in wasted energy and emissions, resulting in a much more efficient recycle and reuse work mentality. 

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